MLO/Bond Issue 2016

Current and updated information regarding the MLO/Bond issue for the November election can be found here: Board Certifies Language for MLO and Bond Initiatives

The Brush School Board, at the August 31, 2016 meeting, approved final language for both a Mill Levy Override and a Bond Issue.  The MLO would be for $2.0 million/year with a 5-year sunset.  The Board included the sunset to provide voters with an increased level of accountability for the Board and administration and to ensure transparency in how the funds will be used.

The $38.5 million Bond will only be issued (if passed by voters) if the district is successful in obtaining a BEST Grant through state funds.  The Board chose not to seek the full amount of the project ($68 million) locally in order to limit the tax burden and to hopefully capitalize on the increased funds available through the BEST program.
The Final Ballot Language can be found here.


MLO/Bond Information