Bond and MLO Update

Bond and MLO Update
Posted on 12/28/2016
Dr. Bill Wilson

Merry Christmas!

Work continues toward securing a BEST Grant as well as toward addressing program, transportation, maintenance, and salary needs.

After the election results were canvassed and declared official on just before Thanksgiving, we began meeting with staff to acquire input regarding improvements to our salary schedules.  Those meetings will continue once we return from Break.

Our 5-yr Master Plan has been updated and is comprised of two versions: #1 - based upon receipt of a BEST Grant and #2 - based upon not winning a BEST grant.  Both plans provide for the entire scope of our building and maintenance needs.  Obviously, obtaining the BEST grant allows for a much brighter picture moving forward.

We have purchased a new bus as a part of a comprehensive plan to update our aging fleet.  The new unit should be placed into service sometime in January or early February.

Administration has revived conversation and decision-making processes to restore Curriculum Review and Replacement cycles, programming needs, and areas that were cut too deeply in recent years.  Recommendations to the Board of Education will be forthcoming as we continue the budget development process for '17-'18 school year

We are collaborating with contractors, engineers, and architects to refine our scope and projected costs to position ourselves optimally for our BEST grant proposal. Our expectations are that we will obtain the highest possible return for our investment and have communicated clearly to all involved that we desire as much involvement from local contractors, engineers, and subcontractors as is possible without compromising time frames or overall project goals.

I met with our Regional Coordinator for the BEST Program on Dec. 20 to obtain a more complete understanding of the requirements placed upon our district and the specifics of the grant submission and application process. The meeting was fruitful and we are moving toward an initial submission in early February - well ahead of the deadline.

Thank you again for the support and confidence you have entrusted in us!  We will continue to update you as developments occur.  If you have any questions or concerns, please be quick to contact me so that I can assist in providing you the information you desire.  

May you all have a Merry Christmas and blessed 2017!


Dr. William Wilson


Brush School District RE 2J