Thomson Primary will be closed August 9th and 10th in order to fumigate the building properly for pests. Registration will be held on Friday, August 11th. For more info, please visit the Brush School District website at

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Dr. Wilson
Solar Eclipse
Posted on 08/17/2017
Dear Parents/Guardians: As I am sure you all are aware, there will be a solar eclipse on our first day of school, August 21st . In preparation for the event, we ordered “viewing glasses” for all of our students and staff. We received the glasses but also received notification from Amazon (the company through which the glasses were ordered) explaining that they could not verify the quality of some of the glasses in terms of protection of the eyes. Amazon refunded our money and recommends that we not use the glasses in question. Upon further research, we have determined that some of the glasses are not on the “safety approved” list.  READ MORE... about Solar Eclipse
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Thomson Primary CLOSED August 9th and 10th
Posted on 08/08/2017
Last spring we experienced an issue with bed bugs in one of our classrooms at TPS. We contracted with an exterminator and were assured that the issue would be addressed this summer. We are not convinced that the extermination was completed with the fidelity we desire. Thus, we are taking precautionary measures to ensure complete extermination of any unwanted insects or bugs by fumigating the entire school. This will require Thomson to be CLOSED on August 9 and August 10. Registration will be held on Friday, August 11 as we have been assured that the building will be safe and ready for full use on that day. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding as we ensure that this issue has been properly and completely addressed.  READ MORE... about Thomson Primary CLOSED August 9th and 10th
Dr. Wilson
Best Grant Secured!
Posted on 05/26/2017
On May 18th, a team representing our school district traveled to Golden, CO to complete the presentation portion of Brush's application for a BEST Grant for the purpose of building a 6-12 campus on the site of the current high school. The two-day meeting was held at the Jefferson County School District offices and provided nearly fifty school districts one final opportunity to share rationale for the projects placed before the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Board.  READ MORE... about Best Grant Secured!
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